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White Pages - How it Works?

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Dex White Pages App – Free People Finder at your finger tip.

With the advancement of technology cellar phone has become the new computer. It is slowly replacing desktop and laptop in third world country. In some per-industrial country cellar phone outnumber the populations. With the mobile sector rising, Dex white pages have invested in the mobile app to help people find other people for free. With their state of the art technology and online database they have a comprehensive app that allows anyone to conduct a free people search on their mobile device.

The technology requires you to have a mobile device, a smart phone or a tablet, and access to the internet. Simple go to the app store, android os is google play, amazon store or any other third party android store or if you are on IOS go the the App Store and simple download the the White Pages moore.


International Dex white pages

Sovereignty – an obstetrical to a universal white pages.

Since every country have different rules and regulations it is hard for NGO to come up with any kind of standard for a universal white pages. It is hard for theses groups, businesses and organizations find solution to for an international directory. The best way to keep an international directory is to use of volunteers through the internet. A non centralize directory where each site act like a sovereign nations, with it's own interest as the main more.

Reverse Phone Lookup

White Pages helps people find other people and businesses by providing just basic information such as a name, phone number, and place/location, free of cost. However, White Pages can only return results of those who have already registered with the said website, and have provided with their basic contact information. So, if you want to search out the phone number of your friend who has lived in the same place for long, a search in White Pages might fetch you a result. On the flip side, it is not necessary that the info obtained from White Pages may be current. It is up to the concerned person to update it.

How White Pages Works?

In order to post one’s basic info into White Pages, a use is required to register for a person account. It is much similar to the way a user account is created for email or SNS websites. Once done that, the user can enter his/her basic information, which includes member listing (name), type of listing (home/work) and zip code to the database. Option info includes contact no., street address, and web page, if any.

The White Pages services are offered to the user for free. That is, virtually any person or business can register and create their listing without paying any penny. And the said information remains in the database until or unless it is changed or deleted by the person who’ve created the listing. In a sense, that is also the downside of White Pages. At times, you’ll stumble upon outdated information on a business, which might have already closed shop or relocated to another city/town.

The modern day White Pages also let users email information from within the website. In other words, you can share some information that you’ve found out from the site via email. Another feature that usually comes with White Pages is the reverse phone number look up and reverse address look up. The said features let users search using only phone number and address respectively.

Final Thoughts

White Pages offers a first step as far as promoting your name/business in your home town is concerned. It is free of cost, easy to use, and quite reliable. The only thing is that one can find your information only if him /her searches specifically with your information. For an unknown person, you’ll still be invisible. PS: Rather than providing basic info, it is advisable to key-in all relevant info to get more visibility.